Common Ground (3×07), The Seer (4×08), Miller’s Crossing (4×09),
Be All My Sins Remember’d (4×11), Spoils of War (4×12), The Kindred, part I (4×18),
The Last Man (4×20), The Queen (5×08), First Contact (5×10), The Lost Tribe (5×11),
Infection (5×17), Vegas (5×19), Enemy At The Gate (5×20) –
Christopher Heyerdahl

Except in Be All My Sins Remember’d – voiced by Heyerdahl but played by Brendan Penny and possibly Spoils Of War because there is conflicting information about who played him in this episode.

Appearance in SGA: Legacy as Guide


Michael (name given on the show)
Michael (2×18), Allies (2×20),
No Man’s Land (3×01), Misbegotten (3×02),
Vengeance (3×19), The Kindred, part I (4×18), The Kindred, part II (4×19), The Last Man (4×20) Search & Rescue (5×01), Prodigal (5×14) –
Connor Trinneer Except in Allies – voiced by Trinneer but played by Brent Stait and in his Wraith form played by James Lafazanos (not confirmed)

Mentioned in SGA:Legacy as Lastlight

Here are the human form and the Wraith form of Michael.