Welcome to the WDC project

What is this site about?
This is a fan-made website about the fictional alien species, the Wraith, from the TV series Stargate:Atlantis. You can find a list of all Wraith characters from the show and their fan-given names from the Wraith Defenders Club on the GateWorld.net forum. Please read more about the project in the introduction. This site would not be possible without the effort and dedication that was put into the project by members of the WDC.

How to use this site
It features a list of all Wraith characters from the show and it also includes links to further information about the actors behind the mask. If you are looking for a specific Wraith name that you can’t quite remember just pick a category on the sidebar or pick the actor’s name or whichever piece of information you are looking for from the tag cloud in the posts.

Before you complain about the lack of content…
Note that this site is not meant to be an encyclopedia or a wiki but merely a list of characters. If you are looking for more information about the Wraith as a species or the TV show(s), you may want to check out GateWorld and its forum. The friendly people over there can point you in the right direction.