written by ciannwn

How did Wraith naming for ones who weren’t named in Stargate Atlantis start? It seems that it just did back in the All Wraith Thunk Thread on GateWorld and the idea caught on. When the Wraith Defenders Club was formed the custom continued. It has its practical side because it’s much easier to refer to “Gawain” than “the Sateda hunter who walked along a corridor and discovered Ronon clinging to the ceiling”. naamiaiset, a WDC member, created a web page for all Wraith who’d been named at the time although some Wraith ended up with more than one fan suggested name because a final decision was never made. She also included information on which episodes the Wraith had been in and the actors who played them.

Some of the WDC members started a role playing game and those who adopted a multi named Wraith for role playing chose the name they preferred. After naamiaiset’s web page was taken down the role players’ game guides were used as a reference instead but this wasn’t an ideal arrangement for WDC members who weren’t in the game. This is why I decided to create a proper replacement for naamiaiset’s page – the Wraith And Actors page. As I’d saved naamiaset’s original I was able to copy what she put but there have been one or two additions since then. The Other Wraith page is for Wraith we found in the background or lying on floors etc. We have no idea who played them but we named them anyway. We then picked out a few memorable masked warriors because they tend to be overlooked even though they, too, are Wraith.

Note by Draco-Stellaris:
This is the replacement page for both naamiaiset’s and the old WDC project site created by ciannwn. The times change fast, this is especially true for websites. Though activtiy on the WDC as a whole has sadly declined, from time to time new people join and need a reference for the named Wraith. Or old members drop by and can’t quite remember the name of a specific Wraith. For all of you, this site was made. I hope it will be useful and will help keep the Wraith and Stargate fandom alive. Keep the gate open at all times.