First Contact (5×10)/The Lost Tribe (5×11)(speculation) –
actor is a bit of a mystery.

GateWorld Episodes and Stargate Wiki conflict on who was in First Contact. Stargate Wiki says James Chutter as “Billy”, Brendan Penny as Wraith. But GateWorld doesn’t list Brendan Penny amongst the episode guest stars. Meanwhile the IMDb page for Brendan Penny doesn’t say he was in First Contact either. James Chutter is a male Wraith in The Lost Tribe and WDC members agreed that this photo is his character.


Billy (he was never named on the show but the First Contact end credits refer to him as Billy Wraith) – The Queen (5×08 (probably)), First Contact (5×10) –
James Chutter

Note – Whoever wrote this Stargate wiki entry for Billy regards James Chutter’s Bridge Officer Wraith and Billy as being the same character. The facial hair and forehead tattoo is the same for both so it’s logical that they are supposed to be the same Wraith.

Appearance in the Stargate Atlantis: Legacy novel series as Precision.